#9: An interview with internationally renowned slipware potters Doug Fitch & Hannah McAndrew

In this episode we talk to Doug & Hannah a week before their largest exhibition of new work in 2020 in our exhibition 'Tradition - East & West'.  An exhibition they share with Japanese potter Tomoo Hamada, all artists producing work that reflects the preservation of their respective nation's ceramic heritage with work that also moves those traditions forward.

Doug & Hannah discuss their journey from art students yet to discover clay right up to the works they have lovingly and painstakingly produced for 'Tradition - East & West'.  In an entertaining and funny discussion, both their modesty and enormous experience is colourfully brought to life with their stories and explanations.

'Tradition - East & West' will see over 50 new pots being offered for sale and goes live on Friday 5th June at 7pm UK GMT.  You can find a link to the gallery website here.

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